Boucher Energy Systems, Inc. has been installing solar thermal systems for over 30 years!

Solar thermal systems use solar to heat your water. The solar thermal panels absorb solar energy. Solar fluid is circulated through the panels by a low-energy pump that delivers heat to a water storage tank. When hot water is needed, the solar-heated water in the storage tank pre-feeds the primary water-heating system. When pre-fed with the solar hot water, the boiler or water heater is either not activated, or activated for less time than if there were no solar hot water system. Each month, you pay a lower bill for energy to heat water.

Here is an example of a Viessmann System that uses vacuum technology for better performance in cold overcast New England weather. We also offer the more traditional flat black panels.

A Viessmann System Vacuum Technology Installation

If you are interested in a solar thermal system, you would need to have a good, clean view of the south-east/south-west sky without shading from trees. The panels can be mounted almost anywhere – on a roof, the ground, or even a side wall of your home.

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