Project Description

Location: Hopedale, MA

Here are some great shots of a large slab/concrete home with radiant throughout. The photo shows the 2″ foam below the tubing. Tubing layout was critical and difficult as the house had several large roof support columns that we needed to avoid. The house is not a simple rectangle, but contains several angled walls both exterior and interior.

The boilers are controlled by lead/lag. One boiler fires most of the time and the second boiler fires in more extreme cold weather. This requires no input from the homeowners – everything is controlled seamlessly and electronically with controls from Viessmann – and custom integrated by Boucher Energy.

  • New Construction
  • Viessmann step-fired VitoGas 100 boiler
  • Viessmann Weather Responsive , Vitotronic 200 digital control, programmable with lead/lag operation
  • Zone 1: Radiant floor heating
  • Zone 2: Radiant floor heating
  • Zone 3: Radiant floor heating
  • Zone 5: Radiant floor heating
  • Zone 6: Radiant Floor Heating
  • Zone 7: Radiant Floor Heating
  • Zone 8: Radiant Floor Heating
  • Second Floor: SlantFin 30 baseboard and three zones of Unico mini-duct for air conditioning