Concord, MA

Project Description

Location: Concord, MA

Complete restoration of heating system and additional installation of central air conditioning during a historic restoration in Concord, Massachusetts. This home previously had a derelict oil fired steam system and a separate oil hot water boiler. It was uncomfortable and very expensive to operate. Here in Massachusetts, we build things to last. Some of the first battles of the American Revolution were fought near this home over two centuries ago. With a new state of the art heating system, we believe it’s ready for at least another century.

Photo #2 (After Restoration):

  • Viessmann Atola RN Boiler with two stages
  • ComforTroll RN Weather Responsive Control
  • Viessmann 4-way mixing valve and motor
  • MegaStor 80-gallon water heater
  • Zone 1: Runtal Panel Radiators
  • Zone 2: Runtal Panel Radiators
  • Zone 3: Converted old cast iron radiators to hot water and added Runtal Panel Radiators
  • Zone 4: Hydro Air and AC for Master Bedroom
  • Zone 5: Hydro Air and AC for main bedroom

Marlborough, MA

Project Description

Location: Marlborough, MA

This home was approximately 10-15 years old, and it contained two hot air gas furnaces and a direct fired, gas water heater. We replaced these items with an indirect water heater, two hydro air units (in place of the gas furnaces) and powered all with a Viessmann Vitodens boiler hidden in these closets that are part of a new finished basement which we are heating with baseboard. We also installed a Mitsubishi mini split AC system for the basement. We installed zone dampers to make the house four zones instead of two, and upgraded the SEER level of the condensers from 9 to 12 SEER for a 20%+ reduction in electrical consumption.