Boucher Energy Systems, Inc. has installed radiant heat for over 30 years. Radiant heat uses warm water- generally from 80 degrees to 140 degrees – and is circulated through flexible, durable PEX tubing embedded in the floor. The floor radiates warmth to the walls and objects in the room. As these objects become warm, you experience less heat loss because you are standing next to warm objects…. and you feel warm and comfortable.
Radiant Heat Installation

Radiant heating vs Convection heating

A radiant-floor heating system first heats the objects in the room. Then, the objects heat the air to a certain degree. Convection systems heat the air first – to a fairly high temperature. The air then uses the convection currents to heat the people and the objects in the room. In operation, it is the exact opposite of a radiant-floor heating system. Most people agree that radiant floor heating is more comfortable compared to convection heating.

There are several ways to install radiant heat tubing:

Install tubing directly into a concrete slab
A thin sheet of foam insulation is placed on the ground. Tubing is installed on top of the foam and encapsulated into the concrete pour.
Install the tubing using the "Staple Up" method
The tubing is attached to the bottom of the subfloor and is “stapled up” in an aluminum track. Utilizing the staple up method we are able to install without disturbing the flooring.
Installing the tubing using the “On-Top” method
For this method, a thin, aluminum and plywood panel is placed “on top” of your existing subfloor. It is then covered with whatever floor covering you choose such as tile or hardwood.

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