Boucher Energy Systems offers our customers only the very best in the steam systems. Peerless is an excellent cast iron boiler and is price competitive with other American boilers. It is our first choice for a steam boiler, which is an area of the market that Viessmann does not operate in.

Steam systems create steam by applying heat energy to water. Heat is distributed with steam piping and radiator units. Steam boilers may be fueled by natural gas, propane, oil or electricity. They come in two varieties, one-pipe and two-pipe systems. With one-pipe systems the water and steam travel in the same pipe, but in opposite directions. In two-pipe systems steam flows in one pipe and water condensate returns in another set of pipes.


A Strong Foundation – The Cast Iron Boiler

Peerless cast iron boilers are manufactured in the United States. Most all of Peerless’ boilers are made of cast iron. Cast iron is very durable and reliable. It heats up very rapidly and takes a long time to cool down, thus providing comfortable, efficient heating to your family.

Boilers made of cast iron have a much larger heating surface than steel or copper-tube boilers. The inside heating surface of a cast iron boiler is approximately six times that of the inside surface of a typical copper-tube boiler. Since there is a larger heating surface, more heat can be transferred to the system, which means that your boiler will cycle less often providing even heating and extending its life.

Peerless boilers also have a large water content. Since cast iron cools down very slowly, the water inside of the boiler stays hotter longer. This provides additional heat with minimal boiler firing, assuring high efficiency, and extending the life of the boiler components.

All our residential boilers have features that make them ideal for installation in your home. The low profile design allows for easy replacement of your existing boiler and installation in low headroom areas. A flame rollout safety shutoff switch or differential pressure switch is provided to assure safe operation. The gas valve and burners are located in a closed vestibule to protect them from tampering and damage. Brand name controls are used to assure you of readily available replacements, should your boiler need servicing. These installation and operation features assure you that our gas and oil boilers are safe and efficient.

Steam Systems

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