Weston, MA

Project Description

Location: Weston, MA

One of our super insulated, energy efficient installations using Mitsubishi Zoned Comfort Solutions. A 7,000 square foot, late 19th century farmhouse transformed into a high performance, renewable energy system home. Completely heated with Mitsubishi inverter heat pumps. No oil or gas usage.

Mendon, MA

Project Description

Location: Mendon, MA

Log Cabin home with radiant heat.

Medfield, MA

Project Description

Location: Medfield, MA

This house is a good example of how combustion efficiency does not directly relate to actual comfort and savings. Since the system we installed is now weather responsive, it is a lot more comfortable because the radiators and large piping is almost always warm – thus cutting down on the large temperature swings, the house used to experience. If using combustion efficiency alone, the house should have had a 15% drop in oil combustion. The same control that keeps the house more comfortable also enhances system efficiency. Two years worth of tracking show a fuel usage drop of 35%! This helps to show how AFUE efficiency numbers can be very inaccurate.

Before (Photo #1):

  • 13 year old oil-fired boiler in turn of the century New England estate home with large cast iron radiators.
  • Combustion Efficiency: 73%

After (Photo #2):

  • Viessmann Vitola 200 VB2-63
  • Viessmann weather responsive Vitronic 100 KW-10 control
  • Combustion Efficiency: 87.5%

Hopedale, MA

Project Description

Location: Hopedale, MA

Here are some great shots of a large slab/concrete home with radiant throughout. The photo shows the 2″ foam below the tubing. Tubing layout was critical and difficult as the house had several large roof support columns that we needed to avoid. The house is not a simple rectangle, but contains several angled walls both exterior and interior.

The boilers are controlled by lead/lag. One boiler fires most of the time and the second boiler fires in more extreme cold weather. This requires no input from the homeowners – everything is controlled seamlessly and electronically with controls from Viessmann – and custom integrated by Boucher Energy.

  • New Construction
  • Viessmann step-fired VitoGas 100 boiler
  • Viessmann Weather Responsive , Vitotronic 200 digital control, programmable with lead/lag operation
  • Zone 1: Radiant floor heating
  • Zone 2: Radiant floor heating
  • Zone 3: Radiant floor heating
  • Zone 5: Radiant floor heating
  • Zone 6: Radiant Floor Heating
  • Zone 7: Radiant Floor Heating
  • Zone 8: Radiant Floor Heating
  • Second Floor: SlantFin 30 baseboard and three zones of Unico mini-duct for air conditioning

Concord, MA

Project Description

Location: Concord, MA

The homeowner wanted the boiler room to be state of the art. We used diamond plate behind the manifolds and piping for the boiler and radiant heating system.

  • Viessmann Vitodens 200 WB2 11-44 gas-fired, condensing hot water boiler.
  • MegaStor indirect fired hot water heater.
  • Unico mini-duct hydro air system for air conditioning and supplemental heating.
  • Nortec Res Deluxe Steam Humidifier
  • Zone 1: Stadler (Viega) Radiant floor heating system.
  • Zone 2: Stadler (Viega) Radiant floor heating system.
  • Zone 3: Stadler (Viega) Radiant floor heating system.
  • Zone 4: Stadler (Viega) Radiant floor heating system.
  • Zone 5: Stadler (Viega) Radiant floor heating system.
  • Zone 6: Stadler (Viega) Radiant floor heating system.
  • Zone 7: Stadler (Viega) Radiant floor heating system.
  • Zone 8: Stadler (Viega) Radiant floor heating system.
  • All Zones: Hydro Air Unico System for Air Conditioning and supplemental heating for extreme cold days.

Sherborn, MA

Project Description

Location: Sherborn, MA

Before: (Photo #1):

  • 35 year old boiler
  • Original to home
  • Separate gas-fired domestic water heater
  • Combustion Efficiency: 75% with a wasteful, standing pilot in both units. The water heater is particularly inefficient as it loses a lot of heat up it’s flue pipe and is poorly insulated. Such water heaters have a 5-7 year warranty.

After: (Photo #2):

To the original owner: Lifetime, stainless steel warranty.

  • Viessmann Vitola ECD Combustion Efficiency: 83.5%
  • Viessmann Verticell HG53 Indirect Fired Water Heater.
  • With electronic ignition, and no wasteful standing pilot lights. Note: The water heater does not have a flue and is much better insulated.

Uxbridge, MA

Project Description

Location: Uxbridge, MA

Many homeowners feel they will not have a choice as to what heating system will be installed in a home they are having built. This is not necessarily true. The builder of this home has a radiant system in his own home. The buyers of this home wanted a better heating system and were willing to pay the additional cost to have it. The builder was more than happy to increase the quality of this home and work with an educated buyer.

Concord, MA

Project Description

Location: Concord, MA

Complete restoration of heating system and additional installation of central air conditioning during a historic restoration in Concord, Massachusetts. This home previously had a derelict oil fired steam system and a separate oil hot water boiler. It was uncomfortable and very expensive to operate. Here in Massachusetts, we build things to last. Some of the first battles of the American Revolution were fought near this home over two centuries ago. With a new state of the art heating system, we believe it’s ready for at least another century.

Photo #2 (After Restoration):

  • Viessmann Atola RN Boiler with two stages
  • ComforTroll RN Weather Responsive Control
  • Viessmann 4-way mixing valve and motor
  • MegaStor 80-gallon water heater
  • Zone 1: Runtal Panel Radiators
  • Zone 2: Runtal Panel Radiators
  • Zone 3: Converted old cast iron radiators to hot water and added Runtal Panel Radiators
  • Zone 4: Hydro Air and AC for Master Bedroom
  • Zone 5: Hydro Air and AC for main bedroom

Hopkinton, MA

Project Description

Location: Hopkinton, MA

The HVAC for this house has approximately 11,000 s.f. of heated space with high ceilings and conventional insulation. It is heated with a staple-up, in-floor radiant heat system and radiant panel baseboard detailed into the wood trim. It has several remote manifolds hidden throughout (see photo’s # 4 & 5). In this home, virtually every room is its own zone. With a thermostat in every room, the owners have very precise temperature control.

Photo #2:

Here are the two Viessmann gas boilers and 120-gallon indirect water heater. They are controlled via the electronic, weather-responsive control built into the front of the boiler. It step fires each boiler independently and controls a separate 4-way mixing valve. We use multiple boilers for many larger houses as this increases the efficiency of the system and gives you redundancy in case one boiler were to break down. This equipment is over 10 years old and would still surpass the quality and efficiency of many brands on the market today. Viessmann, however has upgraded these with the newer GS100 series and with the wall hung Vitodens.

Lincoln, MA

Project Description

Location: Lincoln MA

This was perhaps our most complex project ever from a design and installation standpoint. The house has walls of glass making the heating and cooling loads very high, as there is virtually no insulation in the house other than the roof. This was especially difficult, since in our area of New England temperatures can reach below zero degrees. Since the home has a flat type roof, there is no attic or basement to hold the large equipment or ducts. The house is almost entirely heated with Stadler (Viega) Climate Panels. We also installed a supplemental Unico Hydro Air system to kick in for extra heat during extreme cold weather conditions. This requires no input from the homeowners – everything is controlled seamlessly and electronically with controls from Viessmann – and custom integrated by Boucher Energy.