Project Description

Location: Sherborn, MA

Before: (Photo #1):

  • 35 year old boiler
  • Original to home
  • Separate gas-fired domestic water heater
  • Combustion Efficiency: 75% with a wasteful, standing pilot in both units. The water heater is particularly inefficient as it loses a lot of heat up it’s flue pipe and is poorly insulated. Such water heaters have a 5-7 year warranty.

After: (Photo #2):

To the original owner: Lifetime, stainless steel warranty.

  • Viessmann Vitola ECD Combustion Efficiency: 83.5%
  • Viessmann Verticell HG53 Indirect Fired Water Heater.
  • With electronic ignition, and no wasteful standing pilot lights. Note: The water heater does not have a flue and is much better insulated.